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Introducing Ekodo

Have you heard of Ekodo? It’s environmentalism as a martial art. Awesome. It was started by my environmental studies lecturer, Sean, several years ago and is still going strong. I went to an ekodo workshop a few days ago and found it really interesting and useful. The link is to his first post on happyzine about it, but he has written lots more about ekodo too, just search ekodo in the happyzine search bar.

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Watch the movie HOME for free

Through visually stunning footage of over fifty countries, all shot from an aerial perspective, Yann Arthus-Bertrand shows us a view most of us have never seen. He shares with us his sense of awe about our planet and his concern for its health. With this film, artist-activist Arthus-Bertrand hopes to further the call toaction to take care of our HOME.

You can watch the entire film for free on youtube. If you haven’t seen HOME yet, you’ve got to watch it. You will be amazed and inspired.

♥ Lucy

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